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Jan Bilton, freelance writer, journalist, food stylist and consultant to the food industry wrote, 

“Magic Lock sliding bag sealers are another favourite. Instead of tying bags that leave the food bunched up, the re-usable , stick like sealers keep the bags flat, making them easier to store”.  

Others said

These are the best bag sealers I have ever used, I bought them a couple of years ago, they go in the freezer, they keep everything neat they don’t break were still using the same ones but need more.

Christine Collins Remuera Auckland

I have already tried Magic Lock and they are great.

Samantha Van Rensburg Botha South Africa

The best product ever

Alison Barber Sydney

Very economical and very inventive.

Peter Everatt Auckland

These are a great product, I have been using them for years.

Pip Gentry Auckland

I have been using Magic Lock sealers for many years now. Bought them at a show and have re-ordered on line since. A great product.

Jan Ranum Howick Auckland

I just love Magic Lock re-usable bag sealers, I tell everyone about them.

Dael Wright Pukekohe Auckland